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Expired - Birthday sale: 40% off "Form confirmation email" add-on Pro edition for Google forms

Note: Because the Birthday Sale program happens on the weekend break, then we remain the Sale until 00:00 AM - January 17, 2017. Best regards.
1st birthday Form Confirmation Emails add-on for Google Forms

We're proud to be on the right side of one exciting year of Form Confirmation Emails and are grateful to the many customers who've chosen our add-ons to power their businesses - including you!

We're celebrating with a birthday sale (we know you love 'em):

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(The Sale expires 00:00 AM January 16, PST
(The Sale expires 00:00 AM January 16, PST
Note: Because the Birthday Sale program happens on the weekend break, then we remain the Sale until 00:00 AM - January 17, 2017. Best regards.

Blogger vs. Wordpress 2017: I came back to Blogger

Blogger vs. Wordpress 2017 by Vietutd
I started with my personal online site in 2006. It took me a while to find out the Google blogger (that just acquired by Google that time). In 7-8 years, every day I almost struggled with Blogger, with a tangle of code in the template. That seems to be the way I was growth on the Internet.

Then I decided to explore a new land in the world of blogging platforms. That is
Although more difficult, I also can capture and deploy som WordPress site according to my individual requirements. I acknowledge the advantages of WordPress that previously a lot of people analyzed and assessed. But there are some significant deficiencies on WordPress that I realized is that:

- If use, you will have to pay even much money.
- Asynchronous, incompatibilities, sometimes damage each other between the plugins that created by different developers that the majority of amateurs and come from everywhere.
- Poor security, you have to take responsibility to preserve your virtual home in the online world with a lot of compassion.
- Backup is also a regular and not simple task.
- But the downside that few people can accept that is its speed. In these days it is hard to take it if you visit a site that forever remains the loading status.

The above reasons can independently or jointly with another, but to me, that is the biggest obstacles.
Therefore, I went back with Blogger recently. Wordpress sites I'm using will be maintained at least for the transfer to Blogger.

Maybe someone should ask me to consider when deciding to turn to Blogger carefully? My answer is simple that a platform to overcome the above drawbacks, it has been very rewarding for me to choose. Even more, Blogger is the platform that I understand quite clearly. In recent years, Blogger has also improved, in addition to my new knowledge, I believe will create a new online home comfortably enough to welcome my readers.
 Over the years, the technology develops continuously. The trend of the devices and application also can not ignore the use factor. My current opinion is "to achieve the purpose of use; the simpler is the better."

Therefore, I write this article to share with you whose the same goal, the same opinion.
With a requirement to create an individual site, as a bridge to the community, friends or customers, Blogger is a suitable solution. You'll have more time for other works.
Articles express my opinion, and I hope to receive the feedback and suggestions from you.

Translate+ add-on for Google Docs

If you already make heavy use of Google Translate, this add-on can save a lot of time. Instead of having to open Google Translate in a new browser window, you can just highlight some text and translate it from inside the document.

After installing it, start it from the Add-ons menu. To translate your Docs content, let select some text, choose the languages and you’re all set then click the Translate button. You can then insert the translation back into your document.

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