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  1. Today is March 19. What I want is to populate my form with time slots already set up that start April 4. I paid $5. I've look at the video, read the instructions multiple times and even tried to change "Event title" in the custom text. How do I get this app to offer the appointments when I want vs today?

    ${"Event title"} | ${"Start MMM d, yyyy HH:mm"} - ${"End HH:mm MMM d, yyyy"} (${"Number of accepters"}/${"Number of guests"} accepted)

  2. 幾月幾號,時間幾點到幾點,尚餘幾人

  3. I need help making my date format in 12-hour format including AM/PM. People in USA don't like converting to 24 hour

    1. Change the capital HH to a lowercase hh to change from a 24 hour clock to a 12 hour one. Also to display am/pm add an "space a". For example: ${"Event title"} | ${"Start MMM d, yyyy hh:mm a"} - ${"End hh:mm a MMM d, yyyy"}

      Hope this helped!

  4. i want to start with the aktually day

  5. How do you customize the "custom text format" to display the number of invited/accepted guests... NOT the number of accepters/accepted guests.

    The number of invited guests should be pulled from the value entered via "Load event for booking until it reaches:"

    OR a fixed value.

    How do I do this?



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