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  1. Today is March 19. What I want is to populate my form with time slots already set up that start April 4. I paid $5. I've look at the video, read the instructions multiple times and even tried to change "Event title" in the custom text. How do I get this app to offer the appointments when I want vs today?

    ${"Event title"} | ${"Start MMM d, yyyy HH:mm"} - ${"End HH:mm MMM d, yyyy"} (${"Number of accepters"}/${"Number of guests"} accepted)

  2. 幾月幾號,時間幾點到幾點,尚餘幾人

  3. I need help making my date format in 12-hour format including AM/PM. People in USA don't like converting to 24 hour

    1. Change the capital HH to a lowercase hh to change from a 24 hour clock to a 12 hour one. Also to display am/pm add an "space a". For example: ${"Event title"} | ${"Start MMM d, yyyy hh:mm a"} - ${"End hh:mm a MMM d, yyyy"}

      Hope this helped!

  4. i want to start with the aktually day

  5. How do you customize the "custom text format" to display the number of invited/accepted guests... NOT the number of accepters/accepted guests.

    The number of invited guests should be pulled from the value entered via "Load event for booking until it reaches:"

    OR a fixed value.

    How do I do this?

  6. Is there a possibility to show the time for the local timezone of the user viewing the form. Currently it shows the time for everyone the same regardless in which location the user is.

  7. how to show Mon, Thu, Wed...., please help! thanks!


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