Form Postman: How to set up Primary sender and Backup sender to send 100+ emails per day

Instructions for installing Form Postman add-on

1. First, log into the admin account of the form and activate the "Collect email addresses" setting via Form settings. Then, on the Form Postman interface, simply select "Send to admin" or "Send to respondent" and save that you have configured the first successful email. Test it with your own submission.

2. With a single account configuration, you can only send up to 100 emails a day. To get more please click on the "three dots button" in the upper right corner and select "Add collaborators", add your 2nd Gmail.

3. This is the step to add 100 more emails to the initial configuration: log in to the second Gmail account to edit form, you now configure Postman add-on email content and email sending options that like the configuration of the first account. The other point is that you must choose the function "Set as backup sender" and will select the account in the option box that was the initial. That means 2nd Gmail is a backup of 1st Gmail and when 1st Gmail reach 100 emails daily quota, the 2nd Gmail will continue the work.

So if want to send more emails you just install the 3rd Gmail as the backup sender for 2nd Gmail, ... Please note that with the feature of sending email from the alias, your whole emails sending chain can be set up "the from email address" is unique, even though it may be a Yahoo email.

Great for users of Gsuite accounts, with each account sent up to 1500 emails a day. Google's current price is $3/account/month, but the value it brings to the user just via our add-ons also makes us pay attention.

Form Postman new version

With the "Alias sender" feature, now Form Postman can send up to thousands email per day from one unique email address.

Can you tell me (via comment box) how to get this ?

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