Upgrade Sheet Easy Mail Merge add-on to Pro edition

Sheet Easy Mail Merge add-on was popularly used as an effective email marketing solution for organizers, online marketers, etc. who send many emails for many customers daily.

In this topic, you'll find out the way to upgrade Sheet Easy Mail Merge add-on to Pro edition.

What are the differences between Pro Edition compare Free Edition?

- The Pro Edition remove the trademark notice at the emails' bottom.

How to active the Sheet Easy Mail Merge add-on Pro Edition?

You need to purchase a license key to upgrade the addon to Pro edition. A single license key activates the Sheet Easy Mail Merge Pro edition for a single sheet in 365 days.
- Pro serial key will work with only one spreadsheet.
- With one spreadsheet you can create max 2000000 cell, so with the default sheet (tab) that has 26 columns and 1000 rows you can create 75 sheets
But with the small list, you can create more sheets.

1. Purchase the Serial key:

We just accept the payment via PayPal. Therefore, you can use the credit card (with or without PayPal account) to purchase the Pro Edition serial key.

- You have a PayPal account: After received your payment, the system sends the serial key to your PayPal email.

- You don't have a PayPal account: During the payment process, you will be asked to enter the email; then we will send you the serial key via that. So, please enter exactly the email.

2. Activate to Pro Edition:

- Enter the serial key and active your form's Sheet Easy Mail Merge add-on to Pro Edition.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know using our contact information: http://en.vietutd.com/p/contact.html

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