How to upgrade Form Postman add-on to Pro edition

Form Postman add-on was created for professional users like event organizers, online marketers, etc. who use many forms and a form received many (hundreds, even thousands) submissions per day.  
In this topic, you'll find out the way to upgrade Form Postman add-on to Pro edition.

What are the differences between Pro Edition compare Free Edition?
- The Pro Edition remove the trademark notice at the emails' bottom.

How to active the Form Postman add-on Pro Edition?

You need to purchase a license key to upgrade the addon to Pro edition. A single license key activates the Form Postman Pro edition for the entire account in 365 days.

1. Purchase the Serial key:
We just accept the payment via PayPal. Therefore, you can use the credit card (with or without PayPal account) to purchase the Pro Edition serial key.
- You have a PayPal account: After received your payment, the system sends the serial key to your PayPal email.
- You don't have a PayPal account: During the payment process, you will be asked to enter the email; then we will send you the serial key via that. So, please enter exactly the email.

2. Activate to Pro Edition:
- Enter the serial key and active your form's Form Postman add-on to Pro Edition.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know using our contact information:

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