Form Postman add-on: availability to send up of thousands of confirmation emails per day.

Backup sender mode helps increasing daily sending.
Form Postman add-on for Google Forms: The backup-sender function is available in the free edition since July 21, 2016.
Now your Form can send up to thousands of emails per day with this role.

How does it work and how to set up it:
The first, assuming that A, B, C Gmails are the collaborators of your Google Form.

- The A Gmail is set up in Form Postman as the primary sender (not checked as backup sender [1]);
- The B Gmail should be set as the backup of the A Gmail (Backup sender: checked [1], A Gmail be selected in the drop-down list [2]);
- The C Gmail should be set as the backup of the B Gmail (Backup sender: checked [1], B Gmail is selected in the drop-down list [2]), etc ...
So then, if the A Gmail can't send the email since it reached the daily sending quota, the B Gmail will send the email and so on ...
Let note that Google permits the editor to add up to 50 collaborators to one form.

The new notification solutions for Google Forms

"Google Forms" is one of the most popular services for online contact, survey or examine .etc.

Since 2014, March, Google launched the add-on stores first for Docs and Sheets; then it's continued by Forms at 2014, October. The add-ons have made increase the operating performance of those Google services.

One type of the Forms add-on that helps very much both for the Forms admins and the submitters is the Notifications, which produces emails to the admin and the submitter for the reporting and confirmation purpose correspondingly, every time a respondent submitting the form.
The Form Notifications add-on that is one of the first Forms add-ons was offered by Google. Over 300,000 users so far show that it's a useful add-on, but it still has got the negatives, the two significants are the poor email content display and customization.

Recently, three add-ons were developed to overcome those negative points, then improve the email sending performance and more. We've developed three add-ons follow three different purposes.

Mobile: The table below will be viewed properly on the mode of single post
Addon Features Form Confirmation Email Form to Email Form Postman
Mail to respondent yes no yes
Mail to admin yes yes yes
Email content editable, Html default editable, Html
Multiple admin's email no yes yes
Parallel sending (max 100 emails/day) yes no yes
Series sending (max 5000 emails/day) no yes yes
Sending condition yes no yes
Free version yes yes yes
Paid version yes no yes
Upgrade for form account
License effect permanent 365 days
License fee $2.93 $2.93

1. Form Confirmation Emails: for the Form that serves a few (less than 100) respondents per day. With the HTML format supportable, this add-on has the professional email producing, email content customization, and the sending condition feature.

2. Form to Email: It suits with the Form's that care the reporting email (notify Form's admins) only, it is the simplest configuring add-on. With simple action, which add more forms editors (then activate the add-on under every account), can help the add-on sends up to thousands of emails per day.

3. Form Postman: It has all of the advantages of two above add-ons: HTML format supportable, email content customization, sending condition feature, and up to thousands of emails producing capable by using backup sender feature.

By the time, many features and operating performance of the add-ons have been improved follow the user's comments or requirements, and we would have very grateful for that contribution.

Every application needs the user's support for the survival and development, then if you have any comment or questions please place them here.

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